Sita Ram Jindal Foundation Scholarship

The Sitaram Jindal Foundation (SJF), formerly known as S J Jindal Trust, established in 1969 is a charitable organization and one of the most sought after international NGOs in Bangalore with the humanitarian objective of serving the poor and downtrodden in various fields. True to the inspiring ideals and values of its Chief Architect & Founder, Dr. Sitaram Jindal, the Foundation has been promoting and providing basic needs of the people across various sections of the society in different fields including education, healthcare and rural development without discrimination of caste and creed and religion.

Operating Principles of SJF:-

    • To promote education amongst the poor and disadvantaged and to found, establish, maintain, support or subsidise schools, colleges and pathshalas and other institutions for general education of boys and girls.
    • To give stipend, scholarship and monetary aid to students and scholars.
    • To open, found, establish, assist or make donations or to maintain schools, colleges or boarding houses or any other educational institutions for imparting technical, industrial or commercial knowledge or training or having objects similar to those of this Foundation.
    • To grant aids to promote, establish, support and maintain institutions for the growth, advancement and diffusion of knowledge.
    • To open, found, establish or finance, assist and contribute to the maintenance of sanitariums, asylums, hospitals, mobile dispensaries, maternity homes and any other institutions for treating the disorders of the human body, treatment of diseases

List of Beneficiaries of  SR Jindal Foundation Scholarship