Uma Shashi Ujjwal Scholarship

This scholarship is provided by Ms. Charu Gupta, Senior Project Manager, Honeywell Company, Germany.  Dr. Divya Jain, Associate Professor, Dept. of Botany (Sister of Ms. Charu Gupta) helped in the selection of students for the same.

In 2020-2021, 05 students of professional courses were selected and provided a scholarship of 6000/- each.

Uma Shashi Ujjwal Scholarship (2020-2021)
S.No. Name Roll Number Select Class Gender
1 AMISHA SHARMA 120167011034 BCA-I Female
2 AMIT 120167011073 BCA-I Male
3 RAVNEET KAUR 2365620023 BBA III Female
4 SAPNA DEVI 120167088015 BScIT I Female
5 ARSH KABIR SINGH 3260710002 B.Voc (SD) II Male